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Unity boasts an overwhelming share in real-time 3D development platforms. With the expansion of its educational business, Unity decided to create a new website specializing in education.

Le Grand endeavored to allow anyone to understand the merits of Unity’s educational program quickly and easily. Le Grand provided direction, planning to construction in the development of Unity’s new website.

After the website was launched, the number of inquiries and introduced programs from the educational front increased substantially.


Zurich Life Insurance Company Ltd. has developed insurance and financial operations in over 210 countries and regions throughout the world. 

To help Zurich, Le Grand introduced the use of MA (Marketing Automation) tools to enhance Zurich’s customer experience and established systems. Le Grand, in its aim to dispel the image of insurance applications being bothersome, has conducted in-depth analysis and verification of user behavior to achieve the ultimate in UX (User Experience). 

These endeavors have resulted in significant improvements in conversion rates.


Zendesk provides cloud software for the effective implementation of customer support and service management.

Le Grand provided support for Zendesk which includes the production of landing pages for easy understanding of service content as well as assistance for contents ranging from planning to creation and editing. Furthermore, Le Grand utilized SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to devise and implement measures for highly accurate guiding of prospective clients to Zendesk websites.

These data driven undertakings have resulted in improvements in both lead quality and conversion rates.

Pharma Intelligence

Pharma Intelligence provide services primarily in the Japanese market, in the U.S. and in 5 European countries. The services provided includes worldwide database aspects such as medical drug/equipment market predictions, developing drugs/pharmaceutical information and clinical trial information, as well as services for delivery of news regarding pharmaceutical industries and drug approval reviews.

Le Grand is supporting Pharma Intelligence business expansion in the Japanese market by conducting services ranging from comprehensive marketing consultation to the preparation/implementation of specific measures and approaches.


Peach Aviation, Ltd is the largest LCC (Low-Cost Carrier) which operates and expands airline routes primarily in Japan and in East Asia.

Le Grand, in accordance with targeted regions and themes, provided support for the vitalization of “tabinoco,” a new form of travel media website. Le Grand conducted exhaustive analysis concerning website traffic changes, trends in the number of users, and the most favored pages and authors.

Such activities have resulted in substantial increases in website traffic and have enabled upgrades in the value of “tabinoco” as a form of travel media.


We commissioned Le Grand for all the support we needed for "Technology Works" (currently "Tradedoubler") in its venture into Japan. Le Grand was very efficient in its planning and execution of a variety of tasks to include events, press conferences, negotiations with major agencies and the preparation of business/sales documents and materials. Our performance and achievements were highly acclaimed in Japan which consequently led and achieve the major undertaking of being acquired by Tradedoubler. Le Grand is the best partner, and one I can trust with all my heart.
Nick Hynes
Co-founder and CEO at Somo Global
We are consulting with Le Grand on a variety of matters such as market research, service assessment and recruiting for our foray into Japan. Le Grand's management personnel are educated abroad (outside of Japan) and have thus far accumulated a wide variety of experiences at major U.S. and European companies with respect to marketing, finance and start-up launching. Thanks to those experiences, Le Grand staff members always offer advice suitable for our needs. Le Grand provides on-target responses to whatever request we make, and that makes them a true blessing in my book.
Daniel Murray
President, CreatorIQ